Be Kind Be Vego



Project/year: Be Kind Be Vego/2016~
Client: BLIA Prajna
Brief: Create case-specific information and promotional graphics to promote Vegetarian/Veganism.
Solution: Instead of using graphic imagery, use colour and positive reinforcement to create an exciting and encouraging message for viewers.

I’ve been a quiet vegan for a pretty long time. I just never really wanted to be the “stereotype” – you know what I’m referring to. But when I found out that one of my local-ish Buddhist organisations that I’m connected with was starting a project to promote vegetarianism, I couldn’t say no…mind you, one of the venerable nuns “recruited” me. This was an opportunity to let blossom my inner activist, and really do something for a cause I, and so many others, care deeply about.

Since 2016 when I created their logo, I have been creating all of their collateral material, from cooking workshop posters and digital promotions to voucher booklets and ridiculously large pull-up banners.

With no style-guide and an extremely case-specific approach, this has also been a great experience of “client-knows-best,” because you can’t always let your creativity fly unbound through the Himalayas…I thank them for not knowing what they want, but knowing what they want.

As people, they love their food, and as Buddhists, they love the world,

and what better way to promote their core values than by sharing them in a way that the world loves too?

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