DDR Next Generation


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Project/year: DDR Next Generation/2014
Client: HSC Design & Technology, rhythm gaming community, personal
Brief: Provide an engaging alternative to exercise
Solution: Use the popularity of the exclusively Japanese arcade game DanceDanceRevolution to innovate the game internationally, providing a less traditionally difficult form of exercise by combining the fun of gaming with the cardiovascular effects of exercise and making the product accessible to anyone.


Basically, since I first encountered DanceDanceRevolution at an arcade in Cairns, Australia, when I was 9, I’ve been, quite frankly, obsessed. I’ve been going to arcades to play, interacting with the like-minded “rhythm gaming” community, and creating customized editions of DDR for use at home. That’s exactly what this project is.

I chose to reinvent and innovate DDR with a focus on international accessibility and increased health and wellbeing. To do this, I furthered my knowledge of coding, created graphics, animation and music and marketed the project to the rhythm gaming community.

So here we have DanceDanceRevolution Next Generation, a PC game that takes the classic arcade game into the home and, dare I say it, makes exercise fun.

While it was designed to be used at home, the package is also transferable to arcade machines.