Project/year: Anxiety: the most common mental illness in the world/2015
Client: Personal, uni
Brief: Create an informing graphic piece using self-conducted research.
Solution: Create a story of the journey of anxiety in order to present confronting facts about anxiety in Australia to raise awareness in an engaging and memorable way.

I might not enjoy purposely writing due to laziness, but I do fancy myself a story teller from way back. For our major assessment for the class Data Visualisation at uni, we had to select a topic, conduct research, and create an infographic. While this brief was very blunt but somewhat vague, we were given ample space to make this project our own.

So I thought, “hey, I’m anxious, I can do an infographic about this,” and decided that anxiety, being the most common form of mental health issue, could use a whole lot more awareness.

Drawing on my own personal experience of anxiety, I used the metaphor of the all-encompassing consumption of darkness in the moments of anxious thought and feeling

to display facts I collected from various mental health surveys and studies conducted in Australia. I curated this with the use of the project in mind; this would be a octotych of individual posters that can be used singularly or placed in order to convey the full story of an experience of anxiety and would be used in doctor or specialist health clinic waiting rooms.