Ligature Journal Issue Five: Simplicity


Project/year: Ligature Journal Issue Five: Simplicity/2016-17
Client: Tiliqua Press
Brief: Develop and produce the fifth issue of Tiliqua Press’ design/thinking publication Ligature Journal, the theme being simplicity. 
Solution: Break down simplicity into utter complexity and re-construct it into meaningful minimalism.

This began as an internship for a university elective of the same title. I had worked on Ligature Journal Issue Three – ‘Design By Hand’ (A Body Issue), also as part of a university subject, in 2015-16.

As per Ligature Journal tradition, I submitted a personal contribution in which I wrote of my experience of the calm and clarity brought about by meditation-induced-simplicity that I found in a Buddhist Monastery in Taiwan mid-2017. I also wrote a poem in accompaniment. Both pieces were selected and curated beautifully by my fellow interns.

Make sure you head over to Ligature Journal and pick up a copy.

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